The Benefits and Drawbacks of Video Games


Nowadays, kids and even adults spend most of their free time playing video games. With the evolution of technology, video games have taken over traditional games. Eventually, as for everything, video games have their benefits and drawbacks, which we will take a look at below.



Benefits of Playing Video Games


Develop Your Creativity Level

Creativity is not something that you can learn at any academy. But one way to develop your creativity level is by playing video games. There are many video games that require you to be creative and strategic to go past a level. The eagerness to complete the game enables gamers to increase their creativity level. Adventure games are highly recommendable if you wish to develop your creativity level.

Ameliorate Reading and Understanding Capacity

Playing video games allows you to ameliorate your reading and understanding capacity. While playing video games you are required to read instructions quickly to make a move accordingly. To perfection that action other than reading, you also need understanding capacity. Therefore regular situations like these will help you to ameliorate your reading and understanding capacity.

Drawbacks of Playing Video Games

Can be Addictive

Undeniably, playing excessive video games can become an addiction since players constantly think about what will happen next in the game. However, this habit deprives them of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reduces socialization between family and friends.

Makes People Become Lazier

Undoubtedly, playing excessive video games makes people lazier. For instance, instead of doing something productive such as cleaning the house, taking the dog out, or doing some exercises, they prefer sitting for hours playing video games which can eventually be incredibly harmful to their health in the long term. 

People May Become More Violent

Unfortunately, people tend to become more violent when they play video games. Sometimes, they will not agree if you ask them to stop playing or adapt their style to a violent character from their games.

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